What happens after traumatic events?

Discovering that your child may have been abused can be a devastating experience.  No one is ever adequately prepared to find out that his or her child has been a "victim."

Typical Reactions of Parents and Caregivers

Anger - Irritability - Fear - Disbelief - Confusion - Shame - Numbness - Avoidance - Sadness - Physical Aches and Tension

Families often want to avoid their over-whelming feelings and are concerned that talking about the traumatic experience will make these feelings worse.  These reactions are a normal part of a traumatic response.

Those feelings can make it difficult to seek professional help right away.  However, a trained therapist can help parents and children slowly and carefully explore the various feelings associated with a traumatic event.


Parents who seek professional assistance can reduce future problems, and facilitate their family's and child's healing process.