Parent Information and Resources

Learning that your child may have been sexually abused can be overwhelming. For your- child the most helpful response is to be calm and reassuring. Being upset at a time like this is perfectly understandable. However, children often feel embarrassed or guilty about the abuse and may interpret a parent's anxious response as anger toward them. It is best to find another adult you can talk to about your fears and concerns.

Preparing your child to come to the Jeannette Prandi Children's Center will have a significant impact on the outcome of the interview. More importantly, it will make a very difficult task easier for your child. She/he depends on your approvalAdditionally, children are often reluctant to talk about critically important details because they do not want to upset their parents. Rest assured, the Interview Specialist has received extensive training and is sensitive to your child's needs.

If you have any additional questions regarding how to talk to your child about coming to the Center, feel free to contact the Project Director, Michael Grogan, Ph.D. at (415) 473-3750

While your child is being interviewed, or after the interview, you will have an opportunity to meet with a counselor on the staff to talk about any concerns you may have about your child, yourself or any other members of your family. We hope this information will answer most of your questions. Additionally, a parent education program is available to all parents who bring their children to the Center. Information related to understanding and responding to you child and how to address his or her current circumstances will be provided. The parent education coordinator will support and provide guidance about how to address issues that arise for you and your family as a result of the current crisis. It is hoped that this website will acquaint you with the Center, its purpose and the interview process.