Typical Reactions of Children

Child traumatic stress can impact peer and family relationships, school, work, self image, and may include intense feelings of fear, loss of trust in others, decreased sense of personal safety, guilt, and shame.

Other POSSIBLE changes you might see in your child after traumatic events include:


Emotional Reactions

Fearfulness - Worry
Sadness/Tearfulness - Self Blame
Avoidance of traumatic topic
Physical Reactions
Difficulty concentrating
Restlessness - Low Energy
Changes in appetite or sleep
Aches/Tension - Hyperactivity
Regression (such as loss of toilet training or reverting to baby talk)

Behavioral Reactions

Desire to be alone
Clinginess - Nightmares
Increased Aggression - Tantrums
Changes in school performance
Difficulty following directions

Acting out the trauma in play or with others

These responses may appear immediately or there could be a delayed onset.

However, many children do NOT exhibit noticeable symptoms, but may have feelings related to the event that would benefit from being addressed in therapy.  A therapist can help you and your child make sense of and learn to cope with these thoughts and feelings.